Monday, May 16, 2005

Manny is Manny

A couple of Manny things today.

1. Sadly, 400 isn't that big a deal anymore. When Yaz reached 400 two decades ago there was practically a national holiday. The sport has been going on so long that too many people have reached 400, taking the magic from it. Plus, um, steroids. The key point about Manny hitting 400 is that he's still 32 and on top of his game RIGHT NOW.

2. Gammons and the Dirt Dogs are saying that something is wrong with Manny because he's hitting .240 this year. That they don't see the same exhuberance this year. COME ON PEOPLE!!

Since we're exactly 1/4 through the season, it's easy to extrapolate his numbers. Hmmm, let's ss... Gosh, that would be 40 homers and 136 ribbies. TOUGH CROWD! People, give it A REST. Even though the AVG is low, the OBP is still .560 and the OPS is a nice sweet .930. Here's the thing:

They're saying he's not into it this season. And I'm saying 1) His Mom has been very sick with arthritis, 2) He's been HBP'd about 10 times, including in the head, in the tricep, and in the quad, 3) sluggers often have off-years in terms of average - it's not the end of the world, 4) I'm still wagering he finishes at 300 after a post-All Star Break spree, and 5) he has been at the center of each and every walk-off HR melee, dancing his brains out and pulling people's pants off.

Relax everybody! Manny is not only Manny - he's also MANNY!


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