Monday, May 02, 2005

If it's About Pitching...

With the state of the Sox (Wells and Schilling out) and the Yankees (Wright is out, some others down) I think we should consider the real possibility of the Orioles sticking around for a while. At least until the All-Star break.

Not just the injuries, but some other key pitchers are slow on the uptake. RJ is beatable at the moment. And what's up with Foulke? And Flash? Torre doesn't trust Flash with lefties anymore. And Foulke looks like a bigger mess each time out. Without all of these pitchers at full throttle, the Sox and Yankees ARE the Orioles. Arroyo and Pavano are stepping up - but so are at least four of the Orioles guys.

I'm not looking forward to the Halama adventure. But I'll be happy to be proven wrong. Looking more forward to Miller time.

It just goes to show how lucky we were last year - it's a miracle when it all comes together without a single major pitching injury. If you don't count Kim (which I don't). So you need good luck too. And a good trainer. And a good surgeon.

I'm still not concerned about the Sox. Maybe I will be in a month, but I'm not even close yet. I'm totally encouraged by how hard they play, that Trot and Arroyo are still in the middle of mayhem, that Manny's hitting key dingers, that Varitek gets better every day, that Johnny is all over the place, etc. And I like Payton and Clement. The kindling to light the fire is definitely still there. And if this is all the Yankees have, we could make - and contend - in the playoffs without Schilling.

Time to start thinking about the trading deadline?


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