Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy & Sad


1. Some really good signs for the Sox these days. Since Schilling joined Wells on the DL, they're 6-1. Arroyo, Clement and Wakefield are 11-1 this year. Foulke has been Foulke in his last 3 games. Ortiz has been clutch clutch clutch. They score runs when they need them. And Mirabelli - ARE YOU KIDDING! Is it OK to start claiming he's the 2nd best catcher in the league?

Meanwhile, we've done this without a whole lot of contribution from Millar or Renteria. I know Millar usually heats up in June, and I'm sure after he's gone through the league once, Renteria will be fine. Maybe he'll go nuts against the NL in a few weeks. Has anyone noticed Timlin? So far it's his best season with the Sox. And I'm Otay with Mantei. Suddenly Schilling and Wells are the keys but at another level than we were thinking 6 weeks ago. And isn't that a good thing?

2. The White Sox are rolling. Statistically the strong start matches the strong start of many teams who have won it all. Would I be cool with the White Sox winning it all? Yeah, sure. Why not? A nice '05 Yin to the Red Sox' '04 Yang. If curses are real, 1919 is a better reason to cast a spell than 1918. But I'll have a hard time getting on the bandwagon if their win comes at the expense of the Red Sox at some point. Added amusement bonus: Cubs fans would SLASH THEIR WRISTS.


1. The Denver Nuggets are out. But they might be one player away. And Carmelo reversed his early-season misfortune and has proven definitively he is the 2nd-best player from the '03 draft. But the best is not LeBron - it's Dwayne Wade. Hands down. Now do I bandwagon with the Celtics? I should, but I won't. I'd really rather see Shaq and Wade sweep through the whole thing and show the Lakers what MORONS they are.

2. Speaking of Nuggets, here is a really strange nugget about Yaz. I was generally understanding this, until I got to the word "supermarket."


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