Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Beachballs and Beanballs

Well, the Yanks are still rolling along, getting two dingers each from A-Rod and the Toad, er, Posada, for a 12-3 win against the Tigers. Before the game, A-Rod was a nice, consistent 2 for 2 against Detroit's Wilfreda Ledezma, both of the hits homers. At the end of the night, A-Rod was a nice, consistent 4 for 4 against him, all four hits homers. The thing that got me is that after those two shots, a Detroit relief pitcher, Franklyn German, goes and plunks him. C'mon! What's up with that. To use a phrase that we all know and love, that's bushleague. 100%. At least Paul Quantrill had the good sense to follow that up with a throw behind Jason Smith and, after a warning, followed that up with a throw right into the square of his back. Now, a bunch of the Tigers got all pissy about it (though not Jason Smith), saying Quantrill was headhunting and wah wah wah. Bunch of babies and their misdirected anger. I'd be pissed as hell at Ledezma and I'd be pissed as hell at German. After all, they're the ones tossing beachballs and beanballs. All Quantrill was doing was enforcing the unwritten rule. It's just unfortunate that the Tigers (and other teams, you know who you are!!!) don't know the rule. I got 5 bucks on someone getting nailed tonight. Bet it's a Yankee. Hopefully it's someone who has a little meat on their bones.


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