Monday, April 04, 2005

Yanks 9 Sox 2

I was remarkably serene during this butt-whippin'. No superstitions, no tears, no nothin'. Just glad to get started. Nice to be World Series champion, ain't it? And it was wicked nice just to see Johnny D and Manny and boyz. I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH!!

More than anything it seemed dumb to play an opener on Sunday night in the pouring rain. Openers should be day games. They couldn't have started at 4pm? Almost as dumb as going to Japan. Another issue: the Evil Empire's YES network is abysmal, top to bottom. I can't believe ESPN was blacked out here. Seriously considering satellite now - both radio and tv.

Randy Johnson looked good, but he's hittable. A bigger surprise for me was Sturtze. The 2005 Yankees are the best team ever to play baseball - EVER. I can't believe more people aren't saying it. Exactly where are they lacking? They're going to win 117. My theory is that since 2000, the team that has wanted it the most has won it. This year the Yankees want it most. If I'm a Yankee fan, anything less than dominance will be devastating.

David Wells is just FAT and I don't think his heart is in it. He was focused for about an inning and a half. He and Varitek were on different pages. Until he puts up a W, I think he should start reading Varitek's page. Having said that, Pedro would have lost this game too. Matsui is great, which is OK by me since he's on my Fantasy team. Part of me would like to see Ichiro and Matsui rip the league to shreds this year. Sort of the baseball equivalent of the NBA guys getting creamed in the Olympics. They play the game right.

I liked the way Francona gave all the new guys an inning each to give them a taste of it. Mantei is a wild man, he needs some schooling. Halama pretty much stinks, I don't think he has anything. I like Jay Payton a lot. They should figure out a way to keep him in the lineup.


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