Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yankees 5, Red Sox 0

No, that's not the score of a game. That's the HBP tally of this past series. Giambi got hit three times by pitches and Jeter got hit by two, once in the head. Hey, I'm cool with it. Pitching inside is definitely part of the game and I believe the Yankees understand this (hence the lack of retaliation). I just hope the Red Sox and the Boston faithful remember this little stat next time the Yanks are up in Fenway and the Big Unit and Kevin Brown decide to dust off a couple of hitters. Unfortunately, they probably won't. The fans (and Boston beat-writers) will probably get all martyr-riffic and bloodlust-tastic and some idiot player will likely pull a Manny and go flying towards the mound. *sigh*

Prediction: One haymaker, three rabbit punches, four suspensions, two guys on the DL, and a whole mess of fury.


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