Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sheffield, Take 3


A) He misplayed the carom.
So? Is it that big of a deal? Fenway is probably the hardest outfield to play. Between the Green Monster, the super low walls, and the jigsaw-like corners out there, it's a veritable minefield of errors waiting to happen. I'd let you have this argument if he was playing on his home field, but he wasn't.

B) He had a convenient excuse for screwing up the play when the guy took a swipe.
I don't buy it. See D, below.

C) The swipe didn't hurt.
Agreed. But it probably surprised the crap out of him.

D) Most importantly, because Sheffield has Daffy Duck's anger management skills, he dealt with the fan before he dealt with the play. This is not good baseball instincts or good baseball, period. It's really stupid.
Should he have fired the ball into the infield? Yes. I'm glad you pointed out the obvious. But, if you were typing up a blog entry, and I came up behind you a smacked you in the head, would you finish the sentence or would you react? Frankly, I think Sheffield did what was human and he reacted.

E) Sheffield is not a hero because he restrained himself from slugging the guy.
Agreed. Never said he was.


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