Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sheffield, Take 2

No, I wasn't embarrassed. The drunk guy wasn't related to me or anything. There are hooligans and Steve Bartmans in every ballpark. There was a little snot-nosed kid in the Bronx who stole a home run for the Yankees yet became a hero. Instead, I was entertained. And I agree with Blue, and Dirt Dogs and my idol Bill Simmons (who somehow determined the drunk guy's motives by watching the video), that yes, the drunk guy is an idiot. So what?

The story isn't that a drunk guy interfered with play - it happens every day and IT'S PART OF THE GAME. They have rules that cover it. The story is how Sheffield reacted - I'd be embarrassed about THAT if I were a Yankee fan - and I can't believe that in the bandwagoning that people are ignoring this.

A) He misplayed the carom. B) He had a convenient excuse for screwing up the play when the guy took a swipe. C) The swipe didn't hurt. D) Most importantly, because Sheffield has Daffy Duck's anger management skills, he dealt with the fan before he dealt with the play. This is not good baseball instincts or good baseball, period. It's really stupid. E) Sheffield is not a hero because he restrained himself from slugging the guy. No, no, no. Give me a break. Is that all we expect from our athletic role models these days?

Let me ask you this: Would Jeter have reacted that way? Or would Jeter have thrown the ball back to the infield as quickly as humanly possible, and then walked calmly away from the situation?


Anonymous The Embodied said...

Jeffrey Maier (that snot nosed kid)'s college baseball team played Vassar recently, and VC's pitchers plunked him twice. :-)

6:27 PM  

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