Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lords of the Rings

Wow, that was a big banner. I think they must have used material from David Wells' uniform pants.

I was one of the 43 thousand people who they offered to fly in to receive my ring. Even though I'm just a front office guy and I now play for a different team. But my teammates told me they wouldn't respect me if I put the old uniform back on again. Plus Nomah and Pedro decided not to go, so that made my decision easy.

I think Yaz was choked up and he didn't even get choked up on Yaz Day. And who do you love more than Johnny Pesky? Also, quick question... were Dom Dimaggio and Bobby Doerr there? If so, why didn't they show them? We needed them there...

Class acts as always: Torre and Jeter. (BTW, I keep forgetting to mention: my friend Bob the Yankee fan thinks Torre should be fired.) Mariano seemed to be enjoying himself too much - what's up with that? I think he got a peek at what his pitching line did for my Fantasy stats last week. And this bugs me... why are we booing Giambi? Why aren't we booing Sheffield?

Good call on Bill Russell and Bobby Orr. Wait, one more thing... Mirabelli is the best 2nd string catcher in the history of the world.


Blogger The Rivals said...

I read in the USA Today driving home that not only were Dom and Bobby in attendance, but so were dozens of other household-name Sox. Guess I'll have to get the DVD. - Evan

8:09 AM  

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