Friday, April 15, 2005

Idiots, indeed.

I'm embarassed that my colleague Evan isn't embarassed. In fact, in the previous post he's gleefully joyous that this Dorchester jerkweed was able to help get his beloved captain an extra base. That's pathetic.

At least the Dirt Dogs got it right:

Foul Play by Dorchester Chooch Fraud-Fan Chris House Embarrasses the City of Boston

This is what happens when Red Sox Nation "cardholders," who don't know enough to keep their hands in the stands, go to games instead of real baseball fans, who can't get tickets to Fenway anymore.

Sheff should have clocked the assclown who, even if Sox fanboys and girls blindly give the punk the benefit of the doubt, was trying to turn Tek's triple into a double at best. Inexcusable. Ban him from Fenway for two years.

"He just said he was going for the ball." -- Chris House's dilusional fiancee in denial


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