Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Baseball Gods

The Baseball Gods are laughing at me (not with me), because Mariano is the closer on my fantasy team. And what does it mean that I'm suddenly concerned for the fragile psyche of A-Rod?

Which reminds me... Is it me, or was that series a microcosm of last year? And what is the greater symbolism of the very real scares involving both Francona AND Jeter? Is the Pope somehow involved? As Yankee fans suggested last October: ARE WE NEARING THE APOCALYPSE?

Which reminds me... My erstwhile college and OC roommate, the afforementioned Brandon T, reviewed Fever Pitch in yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune. He had a great line: "In my opinion, though, the real Red Sox story of 2004 trumps the Hollywood version by a mile."

Which reminds me... There is also a great line on Boston Dirt Dogs: "Does Johnny Damon get a ring or a Pulitzer Prize on Monday? (And, does the wife get a WS ring, too?)"


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