Sunday, April 03, 2005

Are you there, God? It's me, Nathan

If you get this message, dear Lord, please, please, please don't make it rain in New York!!! Yes, the rest of the country is praying for it because they are dead jealous of the Yankees and Red Sox. But, they don't understand. This game should be played. This game needs to be played. My reasons are as follows:

1. Because we need to get the foul taste of steroids out our mouths.
2. Because my fantasy league team is optimized for a Sunday game and not a Monday game.
3. Because spring training doesn't count.
4. Because I don't want to have to choose the Yankees over the NCAA basketball final.
5. Because I can't imagine listening to Joe Morgan for 3 hours during a rain delay.

Just do this one thing for me, a Yankee fan. It's not really asking all that much. After all, you gave a freakin' WORLD SERIES to the Boston fans last year! Sheesh. Give me a break, willya?


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