Thursday, April 14, 2005

April Pennant Race

I'm trying to figure out how we can be in last place and it doesn't bother me. I watched that game last night with the passion I would usually devote to a Reds-Brewers game. I think the Sox and Yankees feel the same way. Manny clearly does, and I don't blame him. And as long as the Yankees don't seem to care, I'm going to have trouble getting motivated. Only Tanyan seems to be bringin' it.

Here's my self-analysis:

1. I got my banner which I never thought I'd get, so I'm taking a mental vacation.
2. 19 games a year is way too many. It's like going to see fireworks every Friday night. Or having Playboy Channel.
3. I'll be gone in 2090. My nephew Dan will be 99. He'll be one of those guys on TV talking about how he remembers the bloody sock.
4. Schilling is pitching pretty well, he just doesn't have his legs yet. Plus, I have the undeniably cocky feeling we can beat Mariano when we really need to.
5. The thought of the Blue Jays winning the division is more amusing than horrifying. Jays-Nats series anyone? I could get motivated for THAT.


Blogger The Rivals said...

You're cool with Toronto and the Nats? Are you kidding me?

You're a commie. Better dead than red.


8:17 AM  

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