Monday, April 25, 2005

The #1 Team in NY

I've been doing something this Spring that I've never done before - watching the Mets. Mostly because Beltran is on my Fantasy team. But there are only two teams to watch here in the Tri-State area, and I don't really enjoy watching the other one - even when they're losing. And I'm amused by the fact that the Mets are getting better ink locally than the Yankees right now. Maybe this is my year to pay attention to the NL? Must be all those American Leaguers over there that are making it interesting...

Top 10 observations:

10. Beltran is a god. When he's not hitting HRs, he's stealing bases. When he's not stealing bases, he's making SICK catches.
9. Pedro made a good move for Pedro. No DH and, by comparison, no big line-ups in the NL East.
8. Piazza is TERRIBLE. The Nats stole on him at will all weekend. Pretty embarrassing.
7. Speaking of the Nats, Vinnie Castilla is fun to watch. He looks like a weekend softball slugger/beer chugger, in the mold of Gorman Thomas or Uncle Steve Balboni. (OK, so this one's not about the Mets.)
6. Looper is a disaster, they need a real closer.
5. Other than Mientkiewicz - who is on his game - their infield is rather POROUS.
4. I listen to WFAN, which is the Mets flagship radio station. I love when callers have a comment about "that new 1st baseman. You know: Menk-a-witz." It's happened a dozen times. That's actually what they call him in Queens I guess. Menkawitz. The announcers don't bother correcting them. Classic NY.
3. The Mets game announcers on radio are the best I'VE EVER HEARD. Gary Cohen and Ed Coleman. Super professionals. They make the Yankee announcers sound like amateurs and homers. Oh wait - they ARE amateurs and homers.
2. No, I'm not turning into a Met fan.
1. But I will actually watch when Pedro pitches against the Yankees. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. Did I just say that?


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