Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sox 7 Yanks 2

I just wanted to see yesterday's score in print, especially if the Yankems go crazy on us next week. I can feel the suspense building. It's heightened by the fact that spring training has resolved NOTHING... the teams split their games, and they're both 13-13. Getting goose bumps just thinking about Boomer-Randy next week.

I liked where Ortiz said the Yankees "play the game right" and Millar said "last year is last year" and "we're the underdogs." Predictions coming soon, but I think I'll be happy just to be a wildcard again. I keep thinking the season could come down to these three things:

1. #2 pitcher - Without Pedro, the Yanks have the clear edge.
2. #5 pitcher - I'll take either Arroyo or Miller over Brown right now.
3. Middle relief - With Mantei and Halama, maybe the Sox have the edge now? Nah, let's call it a toss-up.

It also crossed my mind that the Yankees may have THE BEST LINE-UP IN HISTORY. A-Rod batting 2nd? Tino 8th? Dear God!!


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