Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Red Sox Rotation

The Yankees have Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, and Mike Mussina going 1,2, and 3 against the Sox. It is my understanding that in the absence of Curt Schilling, Boston will likely have David Wells, Matt Clement, and Bronson Arroyo going up against the Yanks.

Riddle me this: Why don't the Sox throw Wakefield in the first game against the Yanks, then use Boomer against Pavano and Arroyo against Mussina? Wakefield will absolutely stymie the Yankees on opening night. Think about it: Opening day. A night game. A packed statdium of screaming Yankee fans. Players amped up. Then, you run into a knuckleballer. Patience is key. Adrenaline gets you nowhere. The Yankees would have no hope at all. They would get shut out because they'd be swinging out of their shoes trying to hit the ball to Manhattan. It would take all the wind out of their sails and set the tone for the whole series.
In addition, the Sox then get to set up a better rotation against the #2 and #3 guys of the Yankees.

I know it's only a theory, but I bet that if they went against conventional wisdom and did this, the Sox could sweep the Yankees to start the season. Just imagine: 11 wins in a row. Wow.


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