Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Less Than Inspired

Tomorrow's the day that spring games start (Sox-Twinkies 7:05pm), but I'm feeling less than inspired. I'm less than inspired by a photo of David Wells that keeps popping up on where he looks more like the reincarnation of Chris Farley than the ghost of Babe Ruth. Maybe a little of both. The forensic evidence says he spent the winter using the kind of juice that's fermented.

I'm also less than inspired that the scrimmage getting all the media play in the tri-state area today is the Mets-Nationals. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. Part of it is, D.C. doesn't deserve a 3rd chance at a team when there were more worthy candidates out there. Like Buffalo. And Columbus. And I loved the Monterrey idea.

But a bigger part of it is that the Mets make me physically nauseous. I can't look at one more picture of Pedro. I hope they are out of it by June 1st, and the tabloids start running Pedro's crybaby quotes about lack of run support. Why don't we save time and give him his bottle right now?

Are you with me on that one, Blue?

I'll feel better on April 1, I promise. Maybe it's just menopause. A couple weeks of March Madness and I'll be ready to rock. Bleeding Syracuse Orange for now...


Blogger The Rivals said...

This is how I feel about Pedro... He's always been a crybaby. He always will be. The reason why it's so hard for you to put up with it now is because he's no longer YOUR crybaby. If he was posting 18 win seasons and those tiny ERAs for the team that you bleed for, you would be tired of his antics, but it wouldn't be nearly as disgusting as it is now. In many ways, it's similar to the Yankees/Giambi fiasco. His little cream/clear connection wouldn't be quite so difficult to swallow if he hit .318 and 45 dingers, would it?

-Nathan aka 'Blue'

9:48 AM  

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