Thursday, March 10, 2005

Idiots of Yore

Our man Millar is going to be on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" later this month. That's good marketing strategy on somebody's part because I would never think to watch that show - but I'll definitely watch that episode. Johnny D was on SNL and at Daytona. Schilling is testifying to Congress. The Sox are front and center in the national zeitgeist. It's great, but now of course I'm swinging the other way and starting to fret about off-field distractions. Is anybody thinking about baseball? Nothing seems too far-fetched anymore. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to hear Manny is co-hosting "The View."

Which reminds me: Over the weekend, when the president greeted the Sox at the White House, he said: "No one really expected the answer to the curse of the Bambino would come from a group of players that call themselves idiots, except for maybe idiots who don't understand baseball." I think he's right. (But I'm pretty sure he just called us all idiots.)

Which reminds me: When I was little, the coolest team was the Oakland A's. They were long-haired scruffy idiots with several all-stars, a lot like the 2004 Sox. They made conservative crew-cut teams like the Sox, Yankees, and especially the Reds, look like complete jarheads.

The A's had bright yellow uniforms and, perhaps to compensate, a great cast of colorful characters. Even their names had colors. I remember thinking, why can’t the Sox be cool like Vida Blue... Blue Moon Odom... Dick Green... Catfish Hunter... Joe Rudi... Rollie Fingers... Sal Bando... and those guys? Come on Rico, at least grow some sideburns. THAT’s how you win games - by having fun playing baseball! Well, I wished for idiots and got idiots. 30 years later of course.

Which reminds me: David Wells seems to fit right in as the newest idiot. I read that he admits he's an idiot but doesn't think he's anywhere near as big an idiot as Millar. That's the type of Oakland A's-flavored karma I'm talking about. After all, they won MULTIPLE World Series.


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