Friday, March 18, 2005

Girlie Men

I wish Ah-nuld had testified instead of those sniveling crybaby girlie men. Oh boo hoo, boo hoo. You caught me cheating and now I look like an idiot. Please don't give me an asterisk. Poor me!


Here's what Ah-nuld would have said: "Yes, I have taken the steroids for 40 years. They ah GREAT. I inject them directly into my pituitary gland with a giant needle twenty times a day. My muscles ripple like the Austrian Alps. I look terrific. I have a billion dollahs. I am the most populah movie stah in the world. I am guvnah of Collifornea. I am betta looking than you. I am richa than you. I am more famous than you. Women let me grope them all the time. So this is what steroids have done for me. Without steroids I am YOU. Vaht ah you going to do about it? Put the asterisk on me? Put me in jail? You can do nothing. You ah WEAK. You ah PATHETIC. Now I go. You waste my time. Hasta la vista."

Real men were watching the Dance last night anyway.


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