Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Sports I Give a Crap About

1. Baseball. I guess I would say 'DUH!', but all you readers of THE RIVALS don't necessarily know that baseball is my favorite sport. I mean, I could have other blogs that are specifically dedicated to other sports. Like curling. Or bowling. But, I don't.

2. Poker. Not sure if this is a sport or not, but it's competitve and I watch it all the time. Gus Hanson and Daniel Negreanu are my favorite players because they play aggressively (opposite of me - I play tight), don't take the bad beats too hard, and are very gracious when they win. There's nothing worse than sore losers and bad winners. They drive me nuts. My favorite game is RAZZ (7-card stud low). I only watch the WSOP on ESPN and the Deuce and the World Poker Tour on the Travel channel. Don't give me any of this celebrity poker crap. They don't know how to play and it will teach you bad habits.

3. Football. I dig the NFL, but only from November - January. My team is the Buffalo Bills. Yes, 4-time losers. And yet I still watch and follow them. For those of you who thought I only supported the Yankees because they are winners, you're wrong. I like loser teams too. This proves it. Much to my chagrin.

4. Golf. I love watching golf. I think it's because I can half-watch it. It's a sport that lets me multi-task. I'm also partial to it because I was a greenskeeper for 3 summers during college. It allowed me to play every day and mowing fairways every day gave me such an appreciation for a course's layout and grooming that I really enjoy looking at those immaculate, penal, spectacular courses the pros play at.

5. College Sports. I'm on the fence about this one. I even wrote about it here (my first blog). Check it out. To summarize: I just can't decide whether I like the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech or the Terrapins of Maryland.

6. X-Games. Because the athletes are absolutely crazy. And, they all seem like regular people, just like you and me. They're not freaks of nature. They're just super-dextrous and fearless.

7. Bass Fishing. Because I can't ever sleep past 10AM on Sundays, even if I was out drinking until 5 in the morning, and this is the most soothing thing in the world to watch when you have a brutal, tequila-driven hangover.

8. Hockey. It was much higher before today. Maybe 4th in my list. But, because they cancelled the season, it drops to 8. It'll go up again next year, but only to 6. It's like baseball after the strike-shortened season of 1994 (btw - Tony Gwynn got screwed that year, though you Boston fans are probably thankful...). It takes a while for me to get over the grudge. My favorite team is the NY Rangers. They won in 1940. Then went 54 years without a cup. Then they won in 1994. It was heavenly. But then they sucked again. And they still suck.

9. Professional Bull Riding and Nascar (tie). Because they can die.

10. NBA. Having the NBA make this list is a gift. I hate professional basketball. They're all freaks, thugs, or both. Walking around like they're #1, running their mouths, talking nonsense, trying to get on highlight shows, caring more about themselves than their teams. They piss me off. I hate even giving them space in this blog. It bastardizes THE RIVALS. Those bastards.


Blogger Mr. Hand said...

I'd still rank hockey higher, even if they are in a lockout. C'mon, you still have the AHL. And their tickets are cheap! 20 bucks right down by the ice. At the Fleetcenter for $20 you'd be the only one in your section without wings and a harp.

11:12 PM  
Blogger The Rivals said...

Oooh, interesting point, but being stuck in New York doesn't help things very much. I think if I lived up in the Boston area, I'd be more apt to rank hockey higher, simply because of the AHL teams and the amazing college games. Alas, I am Manhattan-bound, so it will have to stay at 8 until next year... *sigh*

1:17 PM  
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