Monday, February 28, 2005

Baseball Tonight

I just watched the first Baseball Tonight of the season. It's permanently set to record every episode in my DVR so I don't miss a single one. And, in case you were wondering, during the season I not only watch the one that is before the 11PM SportsCenter, but I also check out the one that is after the 11PM SportsCenter. Dedicated, yes. Obsessive, maybe. Crazed, not yet, but toeing the line.

But, what's not to love? Karl Ravech is a superb moderator who provides the perfect tempo to the show. Harold Reynolds has amazing insight and provides levity and the player perspective that is necessary to establish credibility. And, Peter Gammons is God. In fact, he's one of the people that I would invite to my dream dinner. I'm just not sure who I would seat him next to. Probably Keith Richards.

I also like the supporting cast, though Rob Dibble needs to lighten up a bit and not take himself so damn seriously. And, Krukker, what's up with your weight? I couldn't believe how trim he's looking. It smacked of something awfully familiar. Hmmm... What could it be? Oh yeah, I know what it is. He looks like a perfect cross between Bagwell and Giambi at the beginning of spring training 2004. Maybe ESPN decided to start testing for The Cream and The Clear in Bristol...


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